Hi, We have waited for You ...


After thousands of years of amazing survival, despite re occurring attempts to physically and spiritually destroy us, the nation of Israel returned to it's promised land where we had lived independently and proudly.


The state of Israel based itself as a focal point of global importance, however while we seem to have built the political framework many feel that we have lost our path.


Many groups try to present their vision, but the common vision seems to have disappeared.


Where are we headed?


What is our role? Is there one?


You may be thinking: "what has all of this got to do with me?" - In short this is entirely about you! Belonging gives humanity its essence, identity and destiny. Belonging builds humanity, empowers it and gives it hope, faith, belief and joy of life.


Many of us feel a need for a true addition of hope and joy of life.


We want to relate to something real, to reinstitute the joint aspiration, the ideology, and pioneering of our society - to return to live the spirit of the nation binding us together.


Our joint challenge is to present an aspiration that will bind together the diverse often hostile elements of the nation.


Those who choose to partake in this movement believe in the nation of Israel and its prowess manifested in all its social components.


If you are interested in facilitating this revolutionary change in the Israeli nation, you can join this far reaching national move that will connect us (each according to their personal beliefs) to our essence and joint natural values.

We can be reached at +972 (0)50.766.2892 and info@amisrael.org