What can we do?



We have gotten used as individuals and as a nation to see our lives through practical lens.


This approach has made us forget the purpose, and the fact that we must examine each act against the purpose it serves.


Our joint purpose as a nation should be more than our individual considerations. It should include the general aspirations of the nation as a whole.


The nations of Israel, in this generation, does not deal with it's purpose as a nations - not in practice and not in theory.


"Nes Zion" has taken upon itself to raise the banner of national self analysis and building the movement that will connect the nation to its purpose, essence, identity and values.


A better understanding revealing what our joint goal is, will allow us to know what we personally need to do to contribute.


One of the components is creating a non political movement that aspires to further a joint understanding of the reason for the existence of the nation of Israel.


This movement does not represent any existing organizations, does not act on behalf of any movement or specific opinion, but is being built as something new and fresh based on the understanding mentioned above. These understandings have been reached by a nuclei of "Nes Zion" comprised of different people with differing perspectives within the nation of Israel.


We must act so the existing nuclei will attach to it a mass of people interested in being part of this important movement.






What's in it for me?



The involvement in this national value focused movement gave the following individual affect:

- An increase in the individuals' connection to the nation as a whole.

- Connecting to the nation, its identity, essence and values.

- Understanding the concepts of personal national responsibility.

- Endorsing will power as a means to control your life.

- Adding courage as a tool in life.

- The opportunity to live the processes experienced in this national journey.


Such people experience a change towards themselves, their families, their surroundings, the nation and life in general.