Joint Understandings


1. The concept "nation of Israel" is synonymous to the concept of "the Jewish people".

2. The national of Israel manifests itself through various people, with differing perceptive, bringing together the nation in its complete form.

3. Seemingly, there is a certain separation within the Israeli nation between the spiritual realm and practical one. The objective is to try to find the natural connection between the two, as integral components of an organic perfection.

4. The nation as a whole - has a spirituality of its own. We aspire to enquire it, realize it, and live it.

5. To deal with the highest common denominator of the nation.

6. To explore the nature of the nation and destiny by exposing the beauty of the world and Israel via the individual and nation, through an understanding of the generation we live in, the time period we live in and our beliefs at the time.

7. Out of consideration of the character of the nation, each individual will stake out his responsibilities as he sees best, according to his own character.

8. The first faze will be dedicated to finding out the essence of the nation, its values and ambitions that we can all relate to.

9. We do not intend to solve current issues, internal or external to the nation, we do not wish to involve ourselves in matters that heighten our internal differences.

10. We do not intend to invent anything new, or borrow a vision from other nations. Our assumption if that the joint essence already exists.

11. Beyond the essence, the vision and the general path to take, we must find out and define to ourselves the values and concepts that matter to us the most as a people and nation.

12. In each faze of this movement we will examine the use of various means, understanding that action will serve to achieve the goal, according to the values and vision we have laid out.

13. Partners to this move, materially and spiritually, should join once accepting these principles.

14. Partners to this move, materially and spiritually, choose to act based on these agreed principles.